looks like a pic from the outer limits

personally id prefer more..ups.!!! ha

anyone else think it looks like someone leaning backwards against a bar???

And if there are a lot of ups & downs in your life that means you are having a heart attack ;)

If your EKG looks like this, you're not doing so well, and will probably soon be having no ups and downs.

In my opinion. This just means I'm still alive.

That ECG!!! xD no T-wave, no P-wave, double QRS-complex... Actually... I think it's an alien... xD

Ups and downs are what make life juicy! Catastrophic to not experience the whole spectrum..

ventricular fibrillation is definately a 'down' moment

That's how we grow stronger

That heartbeat looks like it'll all be over soon anyway!!

Too many ups and downs might kill you...

Sometimes the nurse can't find my pulse on either arm, am I alive or dead? (humm)

If there is no ups and downs, have cake!

The mantra for the mind!

It reads: It means you are died if there are no ups and downs in your life!

You could be using ancient meditaition techniques to slow down your heart rate...

that would be boring, I have been there and done that, it is a lot better to enjoy life with it's ups and downs that is what makes life interesting.love

Other then this does not looks like a normal rhythm, the p, q s & t waves appear to be having its characteristics.. We know eventually, after positive and negative inversions, the electric flow is back to the isoelectric line until the next contraction occurs. How true it is as in life, and how true as little as it is I know.. Curiosity makes life fun and learning makes it interesting!